Three Day Tour ($90.00)

Day1: Greeting from tour guide or driver at the airport as you will meet us with friendly smile of warm welcome then taken to your hotel : Day2 Mini tours Highlights: Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon including, Elephant and Leper King terrace, Ta Prohm temples and the Floating Village or Kampong Pluk of Stilted houses. Shopping and dinner with Khmer traditional Apsara dance show. Day3: Kulen tours Highlights: Kulen National Park and Banteay Srei temple, Massage or watching the Cambodian circus…Private transfer to airport or bus station that you will arrive on time for your onward flight.

Itinerary (Duration: 8 hours/day)

Day1: Warmest greeting from tour guide or driver at the airport as you will meet us with friendly smile of warm welcome then taken to your hotel, You have own free time for afternoon relaxing in the garden or in the swimming pool at your hotel Or you discuss with tour guide for other activities such as Apsara dinner show, Cambodia Circus, Kick boxing and Traditional massage. I believe that you will enjoy an authentic dinner show… Overnight at your hotel in Siem Reap.

Day2: Mini tour, Start time at 8:45am Visit the famous temple of Angkor wat, Angkor Thom ancient city, Bayon with charming smile of faces carving in stone, Elephant and Leper king terraces, Ta Prohm (Location filming of Tomb Raider) and Stilted houses of Kampong Phluk. The most beautiful temple of Angkor Wat, it is a largest monument of the Angkor group and the most intact, the one of the finest monument in the world. The temple is an expression of Khmer ” Cambodian”  art at its highest point of development.

Angkor Wat temple
Angkor Wat temple

-The charming temple of Bayon vies with Angkor Wat as the favorite monument among visitors. The two temples evoke similar aesthetic responses yet are different in purpose, design, architecture and decoration. The dense jungle surrounding the temple camouflaged its position in relation to other structures at Angkor Wat. Bayon temple is located in a huge area of Angkor Thom you will see the main temple in the center of the city, it is a beautiful temple of Bayon which has charming smile of stone faces carving. There are 54 towers with four faces each that you be surprisingly when you are taking a look at them. The temple of Bayon was built by very famous Buddhist king Jayavarman 7, in the end of 12 century.

Bayon temple
Bayon temple

-Ta Prohm, Its natural state of this Ta-Prohm temple,  it would be great for you to experience with it at some of the wonder of shrouded in jungle. The temple is ethereal in aspect and conjures a romantic aura. Fig, banyan and kapok trees twist and spread their gigantic roots over, under and in between the stones, probing walls and terrace apart, as their branches and leaves intertwine to form a roof above the structures. Of course everywhere around you, you see nature in its dual role of destroyer…I believe you will love this temple the most..!

Ta Prohm temple

-Kampong Phluk village is located at the lakeside of  Great lake “Tonle sap”, is a cluster of three villages of stilted houses built within the floodplain about 25km on the southeast of Siem Reap city, there are about 3000 inhabitants. In the rainy season the site is flooded mangrove forest surrounds the area and the houses is flooded. During the dry season when water is low, the building in the village seems to soar atop their 7 meters stilts exposed by the lack of water. The villagers in Kampong Phluk, the economy might expect, base in fishing, primary in shrimp harvesting. I highly recommend that it is a unique spot of sunset.

Kampong Phluk
Kampong Phluk

Day3: Kulen tours, Start time at 8:45am Visit the beautiful National Park of Kulen (River of 1000 linga, Reclining Buddha and waterfall) and Banteay  Srei temple (Extremely popular with tourist). Kulen National Park, Kulen is a mountain which is called in meaning of word ‘ Lychee ‘ the first of Angkor king Jayavarman II initiated the Royal god of the king’s linga cult in 802 declaring a unified and independent Khmer empire under a single ruler and the beginning what would later become known as the Angkor period. There are a lot of figures of Yoni and Linga spreading out at the bottom of the river. A large statue of  reclining Buddha was built in the 16th century. The beautiful waterfall that most of visitor go for cool swimming in pure natural water of the sacred place on the mountain.

Phnom Kulen waterfall
Phnom Kulen waterfall

-Banteay Srei temple ” citadel of women ” this is probably a modern name that refers to the delicate beauty of the carvings, the temple was constructed by a Brahmin counselor under a powerful king, Rajendravarman and later under Jayavarman V. the beautiful of Banteay srei is displayed the finest of classical Khmer art, an excellent in style and carving with pink hard sandstone, it is nearly every visitor’s favorite site….Return back to your hotel…

Banteay Srei temple
Banteay Srei temple

Day4: Airport Transfer, At the end of four day tours, Discussing with tour guide where you would like to be and then relax and enjoy a memorable end of your day at the temples. Tour guide or Driver will meet you at your hotel for private transfer to the Airport or Bus station that you will arrive on time for your onward flight. All best wishes and have a safe trip..!

Tour guide and Transport Rate:

  • Tour guide=US$90.00
  • Transport=US$130.00
  • Total cost of three days tours US$220.00(1-4pax)
  • if you have group larger more than the maximum number of person above please send a message of enquiry..!
  • Prices is included
    1-Tour guide
    3-Pure drinking cold water
  • Prices is excluded
    1-Temple pass and Meal
    2-Admission fee Silted houses of Kampong Phluk
    3- Admission fee Floating village of Chong Kneas
    Note: Angkor park visit doesn’t allow short trouser, skirt and T-shirt

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